Adventures with Fig!

Adrian: My son Sebastian and I had a memorable time Tuesday morning with the inspired and inspiring people of Fig. Definitely living up to their phrase “Design for Good” Mike Miville, Allison Snavley-Villano and Deborah Brandt, are all knowledgeable, genial, and dynamic. They took some excellent pictures of me at my work.  The day before we spent time with Fig writer Nicole Patterson, who is yet another remarkable member of the staff. No question; part of the joy doing this show is getting to know such wonderful people.









Sebastian: I thought I’d take some pictures of our visitors from FIG taking pictures of and talking to Dad. I can’t say I’ve got this photography thing entirely figured out, but the skill and professionalism of the Fig crew has given me something to aspire to in my continuing photography efforts for the blog. I look forward to learning from and collaborating with Fig more in the future.


Check out their site and magazine to keep up with the many goings on in West Chester!


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