Antiques Show Reflections

The Antiques Show could be best described as intense! We spent most of the weekend attending our booth and talking to people about Martinez presents Marshall. The staff at CCHS did a heroic job organizing this show and making sure it was a success. Accompanying us at our booth on Saturday was the amazing Phil Dague, dressed up in his Joseph Plum Martin revolutionary war uniform, which you can see below. He did a great job creating interest for the show, and people were very intrigued when they realized he was the model for the painting he was standing next to.

Saturday also saw us accompanied by two people doing some live interviews with Antiques Show visitors about the upcoming permanent gallery renovations at CCHS, it looks very exciting, even in this early stage. I used to think being an artist was a quiet, solitary profession. While it can certainly be both of those things, I’ve come to realize that it often involves a lot of action and communication. I’ve also come to realize this sort of involvement is a good thing, and though it was an exhausting weekend it was very worthwhile.


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