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Sebastian: It’s good to be back in the Chester County Historical Society library! It was closed for improvements during the month of January, and I’ve been missing it. After an excellent coordination meeting with museum director David Reinfeld and marketing manager Lauren Hoyer I hit the books.

I’ve collected a stack of the four most important single documents for the show. William Darlington’s memorial of the Marshalls and the Bartrams containing a massive amount of letters and some biographical information, the Arbustrum Americanum a survey of American trees and shrubs by the man himself, and two excellent theses. One by Robert Gutowski is focused on botany and the other by Louise Belden is focused on history and biography.


4 Books









Here I’m taking notes flanked by the theses (thesises? Thesii? There really is no way to pluralize thesis without sounding silly). Though I’ve read through both of these before, my new expanded perspective on the show has led me to pick up on things I brushed over before. Research really does have its own unique pleasures. It can be a little monotonous at times but finding that nugget of information you need is thrilling.


Note taking











This convenient bookmark seems to have something written on it…perhaps an important event we should bookmark as well?





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