Building a Base

I like being involved in all of the stages of my paintings (except cleaning my brushes, I would avoid that bit of tedium if I could) and that includes building the structure on which the canvas is mounted. With the landscape nearing completion I have run out of canvases to paint on. So Sebastian and I had to run down to the store and buy a lot of wood to keep me going – hopefully for the rest of the show.


There are a lot of practical reasons to do this work myself, it saves money and it allows me to make a canvas that fits my exact specifications. Ultimately, I do it because I enjoy it and it gives me satisfaction. I love wood working, and I’ve been known to build large pieces of furniture after finishing a big show. I used to work mostly with oil on board, but with paintings this large I would have to use multiple pieces of wood for the backing, which creates unavoidable seams, so I just cover that over with a canvas, which has proven to be an excellent solution. Soon I’ll have a stock of them ready and waiting to go!

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