Building into Working

I’m finally at the point where I’ve put graphite on canvas and the new painting is starting. As you can see this is the very start of the painting, at this point I’ve only been working on it for an hour or two! This one is going to be the near life-sized portrait of Humphry Marshall, in his study with his microscope. The microscope being Humphry’s actual microscope, which is in the collection of the CCHS and will be present at the exhibit.

Thankfully I’ve got all the panels I’ll need to the beginning of the show built and ready, here you can see Sebastian vacuuming the structure in preparation for us to stretch the canvas (if the canvas gets stretched over dirt or sawdust it will create very noticeable marks and bumps on the work so having a clean surface is very important).


We don’t have any photos of the stretching itself, as it’s a difficult two person job with paintings this large, but it involved us pulling on and staple-gunning down the canvas until it was taut and smooth.

Lastly, here I am with the completed results of our efforts, putting primer on so they will be ready to work when I need them.


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