Drawing and Focus

I’ve gotten much farther along on my new painting and I’ve devised a new setup to help me with my drawing. I’ve closed all the windows and covered the doorways with cloth to keep all of the light out. Normally I enjoy working with natural light, but when I’m doing my drawing I find that the light changing due to the sun and clouds moving seems distracting. I think this is because my preliminary drawings use a very different part of my brain than painting does. I’ve mentioned before that I do drawings that are more detailed than they need to be, and they’re often more detailed than I actually end up painting.



If you look at my drawing of the telescope you’ll see that a lot of little details that won’t be present in any other stage of the work. Those little screws will almost certainly be painted over and omitted. So why do I do this? It’s a little hard to explain, but by drawing an object completely and analytically, almost mathematically – I understand it and I am able to visualize what the final work could look like. I can move the object around in my head, and see what it would look like elsewhere in the composition. The moving and changing doesn’t stop once I finish the drawing of course, but the way I look at the painting does change character.

As a small bonus, here is some of the redecorating I’ve done to keep my studio space nicely dark and quiet.


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