The paintings below represent four years of inspiration, research and hard work by artist Adrian Martinez.  However, he did not work alone.  Adrian had the help of his wife, Leah, and his son, Sebastian in researching and writing labels, organizing photo shoots, planning, attending meetings and at times, reminding him to eat and get some sleep. The staff at the Chester County Historical Society worked hard on the exhibit preparation and installation, curating and preparing the historical objects, fact checking and editing the labels and planning fundraising events. Adrian also had the tireless help and support of a large community of friends, enthusiasts and local historians. Each painting was created with the participation of live models (some were historical reenactors), hand-sewn reproduction clothing, and professional photographers who were there to document the process.   Caretakers and private landowners in Chester County gave him the use of important historical sites and numerous, generous people donated their time and creativity to make sure that his vision could come alive.  Many individuals and institutions provided the funding to make it all possible. 

Although the exhibit left the CCHS, please contact the artist’s studio (484-273-8352) if you would like to inquire about the purchase of a particular piece, or if you or your organization would be interested in exhibiting selections of the work.

Clicking on each image will lead you to the blog post which includes the painting image, a photo of the exhibit, and one or two labels describing each work and its historical context. Please feel free to email the artist (info at with questions or comments.