Fundraising Payoff


Sebastian here, we had a great fundraising event at Skip and Glenda Brion’s house, Dad made a gallery on Facebook with some choice pictures and comments that you can find here. For my part I’m going to talk a little bit about my experience of the event, as a follow up to this post I did while we were still in the planning phases. All of that combined fundraising and planning experience came together beautifully, and the set up right before the party was smooth. Part of me was expecting a panicked last minute gathering of items and set up of goods (which certainly would have happened if I was in charge of organizing) but instead everyone showed up with the right stuff, on time, and set it out with minimal issues. I can say with confidence that the team of Glenda and Skip Brion, Marcie and Rob Fenza, Val and Craig Jester, Darcie and Larry Goldberg, the Martinez family, and CCHS worked like a well-oiled machine!

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