Fundraising Planning


Leah, David, Sebastian, Glenda, Lauren

Sebastian here, my family, David Reinfeld, and Lauren Hoyer had an excellent meeting with Glenda Brion at her home. We all met together to plan a future fundraising event that Glenda and her husband Skip are graciously hosting at their beautiful home. Above you can see all of us working out the details of the event over lunch. The meeting was very productive and I learned quite a lot from the combined fundraising and organization experience of Lauren, David, and Glenda. The Brion and Martinez families have been friends for many years, so it was great for me to be able to work with Glenda and see her in action. I’ve talked before on the blog about the opportunities for meeting new people a show like Martinez presents Marshall creates, but I hadn’t considered I would see new sides of existing friends!


Here you can see Glenda and my Dad standing in front of “The Roosters” the first of my Dad’s paintings that the Brions fell in love with. After undertaking the considerable work of planning for the future, it was good to reminisce a little about the past.

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