Gardens, Modeling, and Driftwood

With the canvas building rolling along smoothly I’m very close to having new surfaces to paint on. However, that’s only the first part of the raw materials needed to make some new paintings. The other important part is pictures of my models! To that end my son and I spent a day last week with David Culp and Michael Alderfer at their wonderful garden, and I took a number of pictures. I dressed them up in some period clothing, generously donated by Downingtown Quaker Meeting. Over the course of the day I took pictures for several potential paintings, the most unusual set of pictures was of the Marshalls conferring with a young William Darlington over a native trillium.



From left to right is Michael as Moses, Sebastian as Darlington, and David as Humphry. You might notice that Sebastian is wearing a rather strange outfit, we didn’t have any 19th century costumes on hand, so I had to improvise. He’s wearing  a normal suit and shirt with popped collars and a bunched up tie, to emulate the fashion of Darlington’s time. Darlington (who you can read about here) was a man of the 19th century, and they had a very different sense of fashion compared to the 18th century the Marshalls belonged to. As you can see in this actual portrait of Darlington high collars were in and wigs were out. I’ll have to add in the vest myself, and I’ll probably end up taking David and Michael’s hats off while lengthening their hair. After all, what would a painting be without a little improvisation?



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