Meeting about the Work

Phil and Francine Dague, Downingtown power couple, took some time out of their busy schedule to come see us and the completed Downing’s Town painting. It was quite a pleasure to talk to them and get their feedback about the work they were so involved in making, and also discuss some potential future plans! Here you can see Sebastian and I with the Dagues taking a photo to commemorate the event.









Here you can see them modeling for me as Joseph Plum Martin and Mrs. Downing (along with Michael Alderfer and David Culp). Phil is quite involved in the historical reenactment community, and while Phil’s main interest is in Civil War reenactiments, a friend of his named Charlie Lang quite generously lent us his outfit. The uniform is one of the 2nd Pennsylvania Battalion of the First Continental Army, which Martin would not have normally worn. Perhaps a friend lent him a uniform as well?

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