Michigan Research Adventures

The blog hasn’t updated in a while (sorry about that) but it was for a good reason. The whole Martinez clan was on a trip to University of Michigan Ann Arbor’s Clements Library! Why Michigan you may ask? Well, the answer is pretty straight forward; the Clements Library has one of the largest collections of original Marshall family papers. The letters are particularly focused around Humphry, Moses, and to a lesser extent Moses’ son who is also named Moses Marshall (to avoid confusion we refer to him as Moses Jr. even though it seems no one called him that). We had a great time spending days in the library and nerding out over two hundred year old documents. The material was spread out over 4 boxes, so we each took a box and wrote down notes and took pictures, occasionally swapping them around between ourselves. Though it was hard and exhausting work, it was a great bit of family bonding time to do it together. Next time I’ll share some of the actual results and process of our reasearch, but for now here are some pictures of the Martinez family having some photo ops in and around the Clements Library!


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