Moses Marshall

A short biography of the other important Marshall in the show!

Moses Marshall was born in West Bradford Township in 1758. Moses was Humphry Marshall’s nephew and apprentice, as Humphry had no children of his own. At a young age Moses left West Bradford to study under his first mentor, a doctor named Nicholas Way. To say that his first bout of medical training was intense is an understatement, as he returned to his home county in 1777 to tend to the wounded after the Battle of the Brandywine, before he had even completed his apprenticeship. Years later in 1784 Moses would return again to become Humphry’s assistant in the plant nursery business. Moses went on a number of long and arduous plant collecting journeys for his beloved uncle and if his expedition diaries are to be believed he could be a bit of a wild man, participating in a number of what he called ‘frolics’.  As a major part of the world around Humphry Marshall, Moses appears in a number of the works that will be featured in the show. A skillful botanist in his own right, Moses was also the main link between his uncle and the future young botanists of America.



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