People and Plants at Longwood

One of the most exciting aspects of this show is working with the staff of CCHS but there are other remarkable institutions and people involved as well. Humphry Marshall’s greatest contribution to American botany resulted from his active trade in plants and trees between the new world and old.  Because of my knowledge of botany one of my specific jobs as co-curator of this show is total immersion into all things relating to the gardening legacy of Humphry Marshall. In Chester County that inevitably leads to Longwood Gardens internationally recognized as one of the greatest gardens in the world. Last night we spent several glorious hours there being dazzled by their Orchid display (on view until March 28th) and attending a remarkable talk by one of Europe’s leading garden designers Lady Mary Keen.

Six months after the November 8th unveiling of “Adrian Martinez presents the world around Humphry Marshall” at the Historical Society, there will be a “second opening” kick off at Longwood Gardens. Dad will be discussing the evolution of the show and sharing the stage with another gardener of international renown David Culp. David, a close friend of our family has for the past few years generously taken the time to be the model for (you guessed it) Humphry Marshall! Below you can see David, Matt Ross the Longwood event coordinator who very generously got us tickets to the event, Micheal Alderfer our model for Moses Marshall and yet another excellent gardener, and myself.


David Culp, Matt Ross, Michael Alderfer, and me

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