For this show I wear a number of different hats, but on the blog I’ve mostly talked about my duties as an artist. Today I am going to talk about my role as an exhibits designer, we’ve gotten far enough along in the show to start seriously thinking about what the actual exhibit will look like and what will go where and why. The first step in this process is to draw up a floor plan, to see what kind of space we have to work with and how it will be used.

Based on the documents CCHS gave me, and the objects I’ve selected for the collection the major feature of the show that will need to be constructed is an area in the center where we will have a roped off platform with some objects arranged on it like a diorama. This is the kind of feature that needs to be figured out as early as possible so we can have plenty of time to design it and deal with any problems that might arise. Thankfully, I have the help of CCHS’ Curator/Director of Collections Ellen Endslow and Collection Manager Heather Hanson to guide me with their own expertise and experience in creating exhibits at the Historical Society. We all hope that this part of the show will be smooth sailing!

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