Susanna Wright

Continuing our series of short biographical sketches about the major figures of the show, we look today at Susanna Wright. A remarkable Quaker leader her numerous talents and interests show a woman of much learning and ability.

An English native Susanna Wright was born in Lancashire in 1697 and moved to America in 1718 when she was still quite young. Her parents settled in an area now called Wright’s Ferry, for self-explanatory reasons, and set up a homestead there. When her parents passed away Susanna was left as the person in charge of her household, a challenge she rose to exceedingly well. On top of maintaining the farm and ferry she was also a pioneer of raising silkworms in America and wrote a book about their care. She maintained connections with many influential people, like Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Rush who had great respect for her abilities as a mind and a poet. During a visit to Wright’s Ferry Humphry Marshall remarked that view was “the most wonderful prospect all around that I ever beheld”. Susanna is another remarkable example of what early pioneers on the edge of America could accomplish.

Her home in Columbia, PA still stands today and lives on as the wonderful Wrights Ferry Mansion museum, you can learn about it here.

Susanna Wright Detail

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